Comprehensive Exams (Yearly Physical) (non-Medicare)

Comprehensive Exams (Yearly Physical) (non-Medicare)

A comprehensive exam on a yearly basis can be an important part of keeping yourself healthy and identifying healthcare needs.  These visits are focused on prevention.  Since there is limited time to review all of your records, perform a comprehensive exam, order testing and review labwork/ekgs, they do not address established problems nor can they be used as sick visits.  If you wish to discuss a problem, or are sick, please make a separate appointment for a problem/sick visit.

Follow these steps to prepare for your Comprehensive Exam (Yearly physical):

1.  Use the Patient Health Questionnaire to tell us about your current state of health. 

2.  Call 401-284-4555 to provide us with your email address and contact information.  This will activate your patient portal account.

3.  Print and bring all forms or upload them to the office through your patient portal.

4.  Bring to the visit or upload any picture or data files (blood pressure logs, blood sugar logs) to your patient portal.