New Patient Visits

New Patient Visits

Follow these steps to prepare for your New Patient Visit:

1.  Use the New Patient Questionnaire to tell us about yourself prior to your visit. 

2.  If this is going to be a problem visit (to discuss your medical problems), please complete the Sick Visit Questionnaire.  If this is going to be your yearly physical exam, please complete the Patient Health Questionnaire.

3.  Call 401-284-4555 to provide us with your email address and contact information.  This will activate your patient portal account.

4. Read our privacy statement.

5.  Print and sign a Medical Records Release for each of your previous providers to have them send your records to our office ahead of your planned visit.

6.  Print and bring all forms or upload them to the office through your patient portal.

7.  Bring to the visit or upload any picture or data files (blood pressure logs, blood sugar logs) to your patient portal.